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About the Project

Aging in a Networked Society is a research project funded by Fondazione Cariplo and aimed at investigating the impact of offline (traditional and face-to-face social networks) and online social networks (social relationships developed using SNSs) on older people’s wellbeing. In addition, this project aims to explore the role of smartphone and social networking sites (SNSs) use on older people’s social inclusion and intergenerational relationships.

This research will contribute to fill in some of the existing gaps in this field in a number of ways exploring the impact of the changes in older people’s offline social network characteristics on physical health, cognitive functions, and well-being, and assessing causal relationships between SNSs use and older people’s health and well-being.

The research findings will contribute to inform the decision making process through the formulation of guidelines and definition of best practices, adopting a dialogic approach with the stakeholders and the civil society.


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